Organic Moringa & Amla Hair Pomade

Picture of Organic Moringa & Amla Hair Pomade

Organic Moringa & Amla Hair Pomade

This Organic Moringa and Amla Hair Pomade will style your hair and give it shine. Moringa is a powerhouse of beneficial properties that will make your hair healthier. It has iron that will increase the oxygen flow to the follicles and shafts of your hair, promoting growth. Amla is also has a number of proven benefits when applied to your hair and scalp. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and follicles. It is a natural conditioner that makes hair softer and more manageable. Style your hair, make it more manageable, and promote a healthy scalp the natural way with this organic moringa and amla hair pomade. 

$11.00 4 oz.

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